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“Bucket & spade” by Dale Gillard is licensed under CC BY 2.0 The other day, I was asked by a friend what it is I’m doing with this project. He’s very much into following technological trends, but not a deeply technical person himself. That drove home yet again how hard it is to provide an “elevator pitch” summary of our work. When I speak about a “human centric” internet, what I mean is a digital place where human rights are protected, and human needs are met.

What is the Interpeer Project?

The Interpeer Project’s objective is to empower a human centric internet. This currently takes the form of a technological initiative with the goal of providing a secure and efficient information-centric networking stack that protects human rights by design.

The future is fully distributed.

This breaks down into a growing number of component projects, that you can help with – join the discussion list to reach out! Or if you prefer to donate, every cent will go 100% to our mission.

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