FOSDEM'21: Designing a Human Centric Next Generation Internet

In February, I was able to give a talk at FOSDEM, Europe’s premier conference on free and open source software. Entitled “Designing a Human Centric Next Generation Internet”, I tried to lay out the requirements such an Internet might have, derived from the failures of the current web. I suspect the talk was a little too unfocused, but the response was great nonetheless! It certainly helped me understand better how I need to present the Interpeer Project in future.

Conferences & Papers

As is usual these days, I don’t write here half as much as I would like to. In recent weeks, this is because I have been very busy preparing for a number of conferences and writing papers. Since they all relate in one way or another to the protocol work I have been writing about, I figure people might find them interesting. I have mentioned before that I am working part time at AnyWi Technologies B.